New Blog: The Saga Continues

Posted on Sat 12 September 2015 in Uncategorized

I ended up switching to a new blog yet again.

This time I'm using Pelican, a static site/blog generator with the amazing Flex theme by Alexandre Vicenzi. A link to the source can also be found within the main navigation menu.

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Plugin Discovery Using Entry Points

Posted on Sun 21 December 2014 in Programming • Tagged with Python

I'm of the belief that just about anyone should have the right to expand on the functionality of a FLOSS tool, but I'm also really particular about code style, so I'd rather not deal with a ton of pull requests. I'm a difficulty person.

With this ...

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Docker vs. LXC: There Can Only Be One

Posted on Thu 17 July 2014 in Uncategorized • Tagged with Docker, LXC, Horrible

docker vs lxc

My sincere apologies for the title.

We've all heard of the (not so) new kid on the block: Docker. This application shipping tool has been garnering lots of attention for a while now, resulting in quite the amazing community, as well as it being pretty much directly responsible for ...

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Getting fail2ban to work with Symfony2 the proper(?) way

Posted on Sat 21 June 2014 in Web development • Tagged with PHP, Symfony2, Security, fail2ban

NOTE: This is a repost of an old article. I noticed that it was generating a bunch of 404s for some people, so I figured I'd dig it up.

Described as "a script kiddie's worst nightmare", fail2ban is a tool that reads log files, tries to match lines ...

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A Song of Pickle and Python

Posted on Tue 17 June 2014 in Programming • Tagged with Horrible, Python

So here's the setting: you're a handsome, extremely charismatic all-rounder tech-type person. Apparently you're also a bit of a narcissist. On a warm and cosy evening you're sitting in front of your fireplace in your leather armchair sipping on a fine alcoholic beverage of your choice ...

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Improving Jenkins Pipeline Speeds By Lowering Quiet Periods

Posted on Thu 12 June 2014 in Uncategorized • Tagged with Performance, Continuous delivery/integration/deployment, Jenkins CI, Horrible

Disclaimer: If you've ever looked at the "quiet period" feature before, this blog post will be extremely boring to you.

So today was the first time I took a real look at the quiet period setting available to Jenkins jobs.

I had created a pipeline using the build flow ...

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HA Symfony2: Manipulating Database Sessions

Posted on Tue 27 May 2014 in Web development • Tagged with Symfony2, PHP

user plus database

During the ongoing quest for high performance and high availability for your Symfony2 project, at some point you're going to want to stick your sessions into your database. Why, you ask? Well, consider the following scenario:

  • You make a webapp named "thing" and deploy it on machines A and ...

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