Hi, I'm Kalman. I'm a techie born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. I like making stuff, be it software, games, circuits or even furniture.


If we perform a lot of cherry-picking, I would describe myself as a perfectionistic, stubborn person. I dislike bugs, spiders and extreme heat. I'm also a neat freak. My defence mechanism of choice is humor. 😅


I help save the world from proprietary software as an Open Source Consultant (read: jack-of-all-trades) at Inuits, together with a bunch of amazing people. It's like being a superhero, except I also get paid.


I like to believe that I'm pretty good in turning unknown unknown into known unknowns. I generally let the internet take it from there.

I'd also say that my skillset is pretty broad, for lack of a better word.

You are always welcome to take a look at my Github page or my LinkedIn profile.


When not working, I like to not work.

I dabble in (home) automation with the Raspberry PI / ESP-8266 / Arduino in the hope of one day successfully automating my own home.

I spend bits and pieces of my free time creating games as half of the amateur game development team Multatronic.

I also enjoy playing the noble sport of kicker, in which I have taken up the title of "The Wall".

Various other things are done by me, but none of them are important enough to list here.