Docker vs. LXC: There Can Only Be One

Posted on Thu 17 July 2014 in Uncategorized • Tagged with Docker, LXC, Horrible

docker vs lxc

My sincere apologies for the title.

We've all heard of the (not so) new kid on the block: Docker. This application shipping tool has been garnering lots of attention for a while now, resulting in quite the amazing community, as well as it being pretty much directly responsible for ...

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A Song of Pickle and Python

Posted on Tue 17 June 2014 in Programming • Tagged with Horrible, Python

So here's the setting: you're a handsome, extremely charismatic all-rounder tech-type person. Apparently you're also a bit of a narcissist. On a warm and cosy evening you're sitting in front of your fireplace in your leather armchair sipping on a fine alcoholic beverage of your choice ...

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Improving Jenkins Pipeline Speeds By Lowering Quiet Periods

Posted on Thu 12 June 2014 in Uncategorized • Tagged with Performance, Continuous delivery/integration/deployment, Jenkins CI, Horrible

Disclaimer: If you've ever looked at the "quiet period" feature before, this blog post will be extremely boring to you.

So today was the first time I took a real look at the quiet period setting available to Jenkins jobs.

I had created a pipeline using the build flow ...

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